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Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple is 15km far from the north of Dengfeng of Zhengzhou in Henan province. It is one of cradle of Chinese Buddhism. When you enter Shaolin, you can visit the main temples, pagoda forest and Song mountain by one ticket.

Bus to Shaolin can be found in almost every long-distance bus station in Zhengzhou city. The central long-distance bus station is opposite to Zhengzhou railways station. You can't reach Shaolin directly but Dengfeng only, there you should change bus to go to Shaolin temple.

Taxi is available to Shaolin too. But you'd better use it if you can speak Chinese, or you will pay lots of money for reaching Shaolin. Shaolin Temple in Chinese is 少林寺. If you want to, you can write it down on a little paper, maybe it can be help.

When you reach at Shaolin, you will probably get someone who want to lead you to eat in some restaurant. Do not have any meal around Shaolin! Snack is alright.

The new Shaolin gate

You will find ticket office around big square in front of Shaolin 's door. The price of the ticket is 100RMB ,including pagoda forest and Song mountain.

If you are student, take your student identification card. Some of interested place of china allow foreign student to get student ticket too. By the way, student ticket is cheaper than normal ticket, usually 20%-50% cheaper.

Enter the gate of Shaolin, you will see electric minibus station there. From the gate to Shaolin temple, there is about 2km long way to take. However, that won't be a bad idea to walk as the view on the way is good enough to enjoy. In addition, you also can see the students of wushu school practice.

You will pass the place for watch the wushu performance, a modern building where you can see Shaolin students abilities. Remember to check the timetable for the time of the show.

You can visit Shaolin temple first then pagoda forest and mountains. Of course, opposite order is nice too. You can enjoy climbing mountain in Shaolin too if you have enough time and strength.

I know you will feel very hungry, but take my advice not to have meal in Shaolin. Starve a little and have good meal in Zhengzhou will be wiser choice.

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